Lawn & Bed Maintenance

Lawn And Bed Maintenance

We provide several different programs within our lawn and bed maintenance service:
Organic Lawn Care

Our organic lawn care program utilizes 100% safe, environmentally friendly products. Regular fertilizers can have toxic traces that may accelerate the loss of biological diversity. Our organic fertilizers sustain healthy soil as they are made from natural materials, including plant, animal, and mineral sources.

Hybrid Lawn Care

The Puget Landscape hybrid lawn care program combines the best of both worlds: the weed control of traditional lawn care methods and the safety and eco-friendly power of organic fertilizer.

Traditional Lawn Care

Our traditional lawn care program prioritizes faster results rather than the slow-building organic treatments which take effect over longer periods of time.

Organic Lawn Care
  • Safe for people and animals
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Rich in soil nutrition
  • Promotes soil micro-organisms
  • Lawns require less mowing
  • Minimizes soil erosion
  • Better drainage
Traditional Lawn Care
  • Faster results
  • More cost effective
  • Not as safe for people and pets, less environmentally friendly
  • Requires moderation, as build-up can damage soil
  • Lower levels of soil micro-organisms
Hybrid Lawn Care
  • Still a safe option for protecting pets, people, and the environment
  • Conducive to long-term nutrition
  • Eliminates drought stress
  • Builds the soil’s natural defense
  • Keeps micro-organisms in the soil, though they are somewhat reduced due to the chemicals
  • Promotes less frequent mowing
  • Keeps weeds at bay using traditional chemicals

Commercial Lawn Care & Maintenance


Keep Your Property’s Lawn Beautiful Year-Round

Your commercial lawn requires vigilant care and regular maintenance in order to stay green, full, and healthy. Neglected lawns can begin to get dry, patchy, and weedy. Scheduling regular maintenance with our lawn maintenance company allows you to maintain a beautiful and professional business exterior.

Our Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Care Services: What Is Included

Our lawn care services include, but are not limited to:

  • SPRING CLEANING — Prep your lawn for the spring season with help from our team at The Grounds Guys! We’ll clear away dead leaves and debris so that nothing gets in the way of a healthy green lawn after the colder months.
  • FALL CLEANING — Keeping a lawn pristine and manicured is a big job during the fall. We can handle this for you with regular fall clean-up services that include raking and pruning.
  • MOWING — Our precision mowers will keep your commercial grass tidy, even, and beautiful year-round, as a reflection of your business and our commitment to you.
  • LAWN CARE — Regular treatments such as fertilization, aeration, top dressing, and detaching make sure that your expensive lawn stays green and lush.
  • TURF ENHANCEMENTS — Seeding services, floral displays, mulching, and sodding can enhance the appearance of a lawn. Learn more about our services designed to keep your commercial turf attractive and healthy on our turf enhancements page.
Contact Puget Landscape for Superior Service

A lawn is a big investment. Don’t let it get untidy or fall into disrepair! Our team is here to take care of all the necessary details so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without any hassle whatsoever.

Commercial Bed Maintenance

Keeping your commercial property’s flower beds healthy and beautiful all year round is an important aspect of maintaining curb appeal. Our commercial lawn care experts at Puget Landscape supply precision landscaping services through the seasons for all of our commercial clients around the United States. We cater to commercial properties including banks, schools, and hotels.

  • Soil cultivation
  • Weed control
  • Flower care
  • Defining garden bed edges
  • Raking
  • Clearing garbage

Keeping garden beds looking pristine all year round requires more than occasional maintenance and putting a few potted plants in the soil. Our team of world-class landscaping experts provides the intensive care necessary to keep your commercial property looking excellent through all the seasons. Contact Puget Landscape to discuss our services in detail or to schedule an appointment.

Benefit from Hiring Professional Landscaping & Lawn Care Experts

Professional lawn care services can make a world of difference in the appearance of your commercial property. At Puget Landscape, we prioritize our clients and work hard to keep them happy. Commercial landscaping requires expertise and precision, and our team expends effort to make sure every customer’s unique landscape is optimally treated for beauty and curb appeal year-round.

Contact Puget Landscape at (360) 325-9216

Our goal at Puget Landscape is to keep our commercial clients happy and ensure that their properties look beautiful throughout every season. Learn about our different lawn care programs, including our organic program, hybrid program, and traditional program. Speak with us about your wishes and which plan best suits your landscaping needs.

Commercial Turf Maintenance


Industry Leader in Commercial Grounds Care Services and Maintenance

Maintaining turf integrity over the years requires vigilant lawn care services marked by consistency and attention to detail. It’s important that you keep watching out for your turf by scheduling consistent maintenance appointments in order to make sure that it looks its best through the seasons. Beautiful green turf can vastly improve the appearance of a commercial building, but the opposite is also true. Weedy, dry, patchy lawns can become an eyesore and downgrade the building’s curb appeal.

Our Turf Maintenance Services
  • Dethatching
  • Top dressing
  • Aeration

Without these services, your turf will enjoy a less healthy lifespan. Over time, soil can get compacted and stressed. This leads to unsightly, deteriorated grass. Scheduling regular turf maintenance will keep your lawn beautiful, vibrant, and green throughout the entire year. Learn more about these services below.

Aeration, Top Dressing, & Dethatching

Grass needs water and air in order to grow. When soil is compacted, water and air do not get to the grass. Aeration involves poking holes in the soil with an aerator, by which water and air can better circulate and stimulate growth. Puget Landscape will help you and provide world-class service. We clean up the mess caused by aeration and leave your property looking better than we found it.

Dethatching is another important process. Thatch is the layer of roots and stems that grows in a mat on the top layer of soil and stops water from getting to the soil. Our grounds care service team uses specialized equipment to break up the thatch so as to keep your turf strong, lush, and healthy.

Commercial Pruning Services


Nationwide Tree & Shrub Pruning Services for Corporate Properties

Beautiful landscaping doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our commercial lawn care and landscaping services are designed to provide proper care. Puget Landscape is a trusted brand in landscaping services. Schedule pruning services for your corporate property. We provide detailed, precision-oriented service for our commercial clients so that their properties stay beautiful and presentable.

Pruning trees extends their lifespan and improves their appearance. Tree trimming and pruning is a very important part of every commercial landscaping plan. Your trees are valuable and ensuring proper care is quite important, including regular maintenance trimming. Some species also require pruning during specific times of the year.

Benefits of Tree Pruning
  • Pruning reduces susceptibility to disease.
  • Pruning reduces the risk of property damage caused by heavy wind / windstorms.
  • Pruning allows more sunlight to get through to your plants, encouraging growth.
  • Pruning keeps some types of trees healthy and structurally sound.
  • Pruning improves the appearance of your property.
Shrub Pruning from Our Landscaping and Lawn Care Service Experts

Our experts provide professional shrub trimming services. We understand how to protect the physiological health of the shrubs while promoting the aesthetic beauty of your company’s landscaping. Scheduling regular pruning services promotes vibrant growth and the health of your plants. We ensure that our clients’ properties look their best all year round.

Contact Puget Landscape for a Pruning Session

When you call the team at Puget Landscape, you can expect services designed to keep your property looking beautiful and pristine throughout the year. We’re proud to maintain high standards of care.

Commercial Property Maintenance


Trusted Landscaping and Lawn Care Service Professionals 

Keeping your commercial garden and property looking its best is a big job that requires regular attention and scheduling. Your business exterior provides your customers with their first impression of your company as a whole. It’s important to make sure that your landscaping is properly maintained in order to keep your business front attractive and appealing to customers.

A beautiful lawn does not happen by itself. Our company offers property maintenance services for commercial properties. We have been serving customers for years and we are a trusted name incommercial landscaping and lawn care services. Contact our property maintenance team to learn more about our grounds care services and schedule a free consultation.

We Keep Your Business Exterior Pristine All Year

Our regular maintenance services for our commercial customers include:

  • EDGING — This involves keeping your grass and garden beds clean, precise, and sharp.
  • GARBAGE / CLUTTER CLEARANCE — We keep your property clear of debris.
  • MOWING — Commercial mowing goes beyond regular home mowing. Commercial mowing requires precision and care.
  • TRIMMING — We use our trimmer equipment in tricky spots that are inaccessible to mowers, such as fences, light poles, walls, and garden beds.
  • VACANT LOT / FIELD CARE — If there is a field or vacant lot on your property, we can keep it looking manicured and clear with our shredding and field mowing services.
  • CLEARED WALKWAYS — We clear paths, parking lots, and sidewalks of leaves and debris using a leaf blower for a pristine presence.
Schedule Your Property Maintenance Services with Puget Landscape

At our company Puget Landscape, we prioritize cleanliness and professionalism. Our staff is dedicated to providing our commercial customers with reliable service.

Spring Clean-Up Services


Choose the Right Team for Your Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Care Services

Spring cleaning always brings a good feeling — and it’s even better when a professional team handles the spring cleaning for you! Our team of landscaping and lawn care experts at Puget Landscape can handle your cleaning and make sure it is done right. We’re proud of our commitment to our commercial clients and our reputation for stellar results and excellent customer service. Call our headquarters to book an appointment with a spring clean-up crew from Puget Landscape today!

Who needs spring cleaning?

Successful business owners know the importance of keeping their grounds attractive and appealing through the seasons. For many commercial properties, fall and winter are the most difficult seasons as debris and harsh weather take their tolls. Don’t let your corporate property fall into disarray because of the weather! Our team can provide services designed to return your property back to its best look.

Our spring clean-up crew can provide the following services, to restore your commercial property:
  • Tree and shrub trimming / pruning
  • Flower bed maintenance
  • Plant bed maintenance
  • Garbage / debris clearance
  • Fertilization / aeration
  • Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
  • Insect / pest management
Professional, Trustworthy, & Honest Grounds Care Services

Our goal is to make your sure that your property looks its best throughout the year. Part of running your business is maintaining an attractive and professional appearance. We can handle these details, facilitating your ongoing success and a business front that matches your mission and commitment to clients. Our job is to make sure you look the part, providing peace of mind and professional lawn care services throughout the seasons. Schedule your spring clean-up with our professional crew!

Are You in Need of Fall Clean-Up Services?


Commercial Landscaping & Lawn Care Services for Businesses in the United States

You can make sure that your property is ready for the transition into a new season by contacting our grounds care service experts at Puget Landscape to schedule an appointment for a fall clean-up. Our crews are professional, uniformed, and timely. We maintain a high standard for excellence in our commercial services and work hard to ensure that our clients are happy. Your satisfaction is our priority, and keeping your commercial property looking good throughout the year is what we do best!

Choose a Fall Clean-Up Crew from Puget Landscape

Get your lawn and landscaping prepared for the next season with help from Puget Landscape. We offer seasonal lawn care and landscaping services for our commercial clients. Fall is the messiest time of year, and keeping a property clean and pristine can be a huge job. Our crew is here to help you out!

Our fall clean-up services include, but are not limited to:
  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control
  • Raking
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Pruning / trimming
  • Clearing clutter / debris

Our company is known for industry leading expertise and consistent customer satisfaction. We always put our customers first. With years of experience and a commitment to education, knowledge, and thorough training, you can rely on our grounds crews to keep your corporate property looking prime from season to season. We provide a full range of commercial lawn care services.

Schedule Your Free Consultation with Our Lawn Care Experts

Are you ready to learn more? Schedule a free consultation or request a free price estimate when you contact Puget Landscape.

Commercial Mulch Services


Trusted & Professional Grounds Care Services 

There are many reasons to choose Puget Landscape for your commercial landscaping and lawn care service needs, including putting down mulch. Our company is trusted, reliable, and professional. We describe our commitment in a simple acronym: C.A.R.E., which stands for Customers first, Attitude, Respect, and Enjoy life in the process. Our employees are knowledgeable, carefully screened, and highly trained. Choosing Puget Landscape is a decision that will give you peace of mind.

What is mulching?

Mulching is an effective form of weed control and it is one of the best treatments you can use to protect the health and beauty of your landscape. It involves placing a layer of material around the plants and over the soil in a flower bed or line of shrubs. These materials can be organic or inorganic.

Some examples of mulching materials include:
  • Stones
  • Chips
  • Plastic
  • Bark chips
  • Straw
  • Grass clippings
  • Cocoa hulls
Benefits of Mulching

Many people think that mulching is just a method for controlling weeds, but it actually carries many more benefits than just keeping weeds at bay. A few of the benefits of mulching include:

  • Mulching prevents erosion in the soil.
  • Mulching minimizes compaction during the rainy season.
  • Mulching helps to keep an even temperature in the soil.
  • Mulching is a form of water conservation as it conserves wetness.
  • Mulching can increase the number of nutrients in the soil.
  • Mulching helps your landscape maintain an even and attractive appearance.

Maintaining Seasonal Color


Keeping Your Corporate Property Beauty Through the Seasons

Our landscaping and lawn care service experts can keep your commercial property beautiful through the changing seasons using our approach to seasonal color and variation. We plant seasonal plants and flowers so that your landscape always looks good even as the seasons turn and plants come in and out of season. Planting a beautiful landscape requires planning and care.

We have extensive training in horticulture. We are a trusted name in lawn care, and our education and training is ongoing. This enables us to create pristine and appealing landscapes for our customers that change through the seasons and yet stay beautiful and colorful. You’ll enjoy the colors and variety.

Seasonal Landscaping and Lawn Care Services for Commercial Customers

Part of our seasonal services includes:

  • Insect control
  • Fertilization
  • Installation of garden beds / flower beds
  • Bed maintenance
  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control

We can install flowering annuals and other seasonal plants to ensure that your property maintains variety, beauty, and seasonal color. We have a reputation for customer satisfaction and beautiful work. Discuss your commercial landscaping needs with our team of caring and knowledgeable experts.

Contact Our Landscaping Crews at Puget Landscape

We provide services for our valued commercial customers across the. Our services are designed to help our customers maintain fresh appearances on their corporate properties. We have extensive experience and serve a broad range of customers, including banks, schools, and hospitals.

Why choose Puget Landscape? We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction. Our staff is professional and uniformed. We have clean, branded vehicles and use safe and reliable equipment that is maintained daily. It’s important to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Commercial Tree Services


Expert Tree Trimming, Removal & Care

Trees are beautiful and sturdy, adding value, privacy, and character to your property. Not only do they enhance landscapes, they also provide essential oxygen, better water quality, and can reduce noise pollution. For a business, trees can offer aesthetic value, making a good first impression on customers and employees alike. At Puget Landscape, we offer comprehensive tree services for commercial properties, from removal to fertilization.

Don’t Let a Tree Stump You

It is no secret that a healthy, well-groomed tree can offer many benefits to a property. In fact, research shows that trees can increase property value by 14%. However, factors such as harsh winds, insects, and storms can kill or cause damage to your trees. Not only does this detract from the appearance of your business, but it can also cause structural problems. Our tree service professionals can remove dead trees from your lawn in no time at all.

Common Reasons to Remove Trees:
  • They can be an eyesore
  • They attract pests and insects
  • Branches can damage your property
  • They can endanger other plants near them
Get Quality Commercial Tree Trimming Services

Trees, like other natural organisms, will respond to their environment. If left unfettered, they will grow large and unruly. Keep your property looking clean and manicured with our commercial tree trimming services. Just like you cut your hair to maintain its health and beauty, your trees need similar attention.

Advantages of Regularly Trimming Your Trees:
  • Improved beauty and health
  • Helps fruit production
  • Encourages healthy growth
  • Prevent tree disease
  • Remove dead branches / leaves
Trust Puget Landscape With Your Tree Services

Our trained tree service experts at Puget Landscape understand the complexities of proper lawn care. We are passionate about caring for trees and helping your commercial property look its best. We offer comprehensive tree services to address all of your needs.