Snow & Ice Management

Snow &

Ice Management

Winter Landscaping and Lawn Care Services

Our experts at Puget Landscape provide winter landscaping and lawn care services including snow and ice management. We can help you keep your property beautiful and safe through the seasons. Our snow and ice management services begin even before the first initial snowfall.

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Our snow and ice management services include the following aspects:
  • INITIAL EVALUATION — We come to your property and evaluate the aspects of your property such as curbs and fire hydrants that might be hidden after a heavy snowfall.
  • ONGOING WEATHER MONITORING — Our team monitors meteorological data in your area so that you know what the weather will look like. We keep you informed so that you can be prepared for any changes.
  • EQUIPMENT AND STAFF ON STANDBY — We’ll be ready to provide any services necessary when you need it.
  • CALIBRATION OF SNOW AND ICE EQUIPMENT — We keep our equipment perfectly calibrated by monitoring dew points and the temperature of the asphalt. This allows us to protect the environment and ground water by avoiding over-salting.
  • MONITORING EQUIPMENT WITH GPS TRACKING — Clearing away snow and ice is important. This is why we use GPS tracking on our snow equipment to make sure it is where it needs to be, and your home has the equipment and services it needs at disposal.